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The quintessential instant wellness boost!

Exuberance Health and Wellness, nestled in the serene locality of Umhlanga Rocks, is a modern sanctuary for those seeking to rejuvenate their body and spirit. With a holistic approach, the center combines cutting-edge medical technology with seasoned expertise to offer an array of wellness solutions. Among our diverse range of services are IV Drip Treatments, Laser Hair Removal Services, and Weight Loss Solutions.

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Exuberance Health and Wellness takes pride in its bespoke IV Drip Products that are designed to cater to the individual health and wellness needs of every client. From boosting immune system performance to enhancing energy levels, their IV Drip Products are meticulously crafted using high-grade ingredients. Clients can choose from a variety of IV Drip formulations that provide essential nutrients directly to the bloodstream for immediate absorption and efficacy.

IV drip therapy is an effective way to deliver nutrients, vitamins, and medications to the body because this technique bypasses the digestive system. Supplements are administered directly into the bloodstream, making nutrients available for immediate use.

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IV Drip Treatment Options

  • Combination of vitamins and antioxidants to get you feeling your best

    1 hr

    2,800 South African rand
  • Give your body a mega boost your body after extreme exertion.

    1 hr

    1,450 South African rand
  • Increases energy levels, burns fat and promote healthy weight loss

    1 hr

    1,200 South African rand
  • Reduce excessive pigmentation and makes you improve overall wellness

    1 hr

    1,450 South African rand
  • Rise & shine will be all you need to get you feeling your best again.

    1 hr

    1,200 South African rand
  • Relieve general body aches, pain, swelling and inflammation

    1 hr

    1,000 South African rand
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We always love to hear from our customers. Feel free to drop by or get in touch today to learn more about Exuberance and what we have to offer.

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