Evening Matrix 50g

Evening Matrix 50g

Developed for aging skin (Anti-ageing should begin in your 20’s)  Promotes Collagen & Elastin production  Plumps up the skin reducing fine lines & wrinkles.


Suitable for all skin types  Even Hyper Pigmentation, Discoloration and uneven skin tone  Light and non-oily finish  NOTE Any vitamin A derivative need to be introduced gradually. Some sensitivity may occur if introduced too soon  Clients may experience redness, flushed, flaky or dry skin  Warm & tingling sensation may occur THIS IS NORMAL!!!  


Caution around eye area. Use once a week for 2 weeks. Then increase to twice a week for 4 weeks and so forth  After cleansing allow 15 to 20 mins before applying the cream (fine water droplets can react with Retinol making it ineffective and could cause sensitivity.


Concentrations of all our actives are in their most potent, safe and effective form Sun screen compliant! (SPF50+)